Bold Yet Simple Concepts Keep Bold City Brewery A Step Ahead Of The Competition

Bold City Brewery has become a local institution for the people of “The Bold New City of the South” — Jacksonville, Florida. In 2008 the Miller family decided to ditch the corporate sector in favor of a new passion . . . craft beer. One of the first craft breweries in North Florida, BCB helped pioneer the craft beer movement in Jacksonville, and there are now over 10 craft breweries in the area. They also reintroduced the Bold City moniker and many local businesses have now followed suit.

While BCB is one of the senior breweries in the Jacksonville craft beer community, they are able to stay ahead of the competition by taking a bold, yet simple, approach to their brews. One of the biggest differences you’ll find when walking into the taproom at Bold City, as compared to other craft breweries, is their flagship beer. A large majority of craft breweries and craft beer drinkers point to the india pale ale, or IPA for short, as the leading brew of the craft beer movement. But if every craft brewery is pumping out the same hopped up product, how is a brewery supposed to stand out? BCB decided early on that their flagship brew — Duke’s — would be different. Duke’s is a brown ale lovingly named after the family dog, a boxer who passed away several years ago. Full of flavor, Duke’s Brown Ale has a medium brown color and boasts hints of chocolate and caramel. The ultra smooth flagship beer at BCB is an ode to their humble, down-to-earth approach and to the beer enthusiasts who proudly enjoy their brews.bold city brewery 1

In a couple short months Bold City Brewery will open their downtown location, another simple, yet bold concept, that will keep BCB ahead of the game. There is a resurgence going on in downtown Jacksonville and BCB wants to help lead downtown back to the glory days. This location will be more focused on small batch brews, with a bar style atmosphere, where as their current location (that does have an awesome taproom in it’s own right) is focused on the production of their mainstays Duke’s, Killer Whale, and Mad Manatee. You can find their soon to open location at 109 East Bay Street right next to the also soon to open steakhouse Cowford Chop House.

Bold City Brewery is a true pioneer, not only in the craft beer community, but in the Jacksonville community as whole. From their beer to their mission Bold City Brewery is a perfect microcosm of the Bold City from which they reside. At BCB they’re not interested in producing the most overpowering double IPA you’ve ever tasted — they just want to make really good beer for really good people.

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