It’s Not That Serious: Blake Bortles Edition

If there was ever a poster child for someone living the motto of “It’s not that serious”, it would be Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles. This man has already created a legend for himself with his play on the field and his personality off of it. Let’s look back at some of Blake’s best moments:

Blake Plays Galaga During the Season:

Teammate and fellow tweeter Jared Odrick snapped this photo of Bortles as he took some time during a day off to play a little Galaga. Of course, the super serious sports fans chime in with “Should he be working on studying the playbook” and “I can’t believe he’s playing video games. It’s like he doesn’t care about football”. Chill out guys. We all deserve to enjoy our free time as we see fit. You may do house work or hit up a happy hour. He plays old school arcade games.

Walk It Off, Sue:

Blake flung his own flesh and blood out of a golf cart at his charity event. I repeat, he launched his own MOTHER out of a golf cart and then followed that with this gem of a tweet. I’m assuming he’s got a great relationship with his mother or she also is a big fan of not taking things too seriously. Either way, this is a strong entry.

Sup… Fireball?

MY GOD I CAN’T BELIEVE HE WOULD ASK A TEAMMATE TO DRINK WITH HIM? What about the children? Minutes after the Jaguars make their selection in first round of the 2016 NFL Draft, Blake extends a wonderful (and delicious) hand of friendship to new teammate, Jalen Ramsey. Keeping in mind that Blake is still in his early 20’s and that Fireball Whiskey is still a staple for young adults that haven’t moved on to a good whisky, this tweet once again shows that the life of an NFL quarterback doesn’t always have to be one that’s boring.

Let’s Ride:

My QB is riding on a quad with no helmet and no worries. Some may say this is extremely unprofessional of a man who has the hopes and dreams of a city riding on his broad shoulders. Others would agree with me and say that this really is the perfect person to lead the Jaguars to a Super Bowl in the next few years. Plus he quotes “Dumb and Dumber”, one of the best comedies ever made. Chalk another one up to the #INTS lifestyle.

So there you have it. Blake Bortles adopts the “It’s Not That Serious” lifestyle in his daily life and it reflects on the football field and in his tweets. Does it mean it will translate to success on the football field? Who the hell knows? But I’m willing to watch to find out.