Jaguars Offense: Fantasy Goldmine?

With basketball finally wrapped up, preseason football is just under 2 months away. With preseason around the corner, one thing is always on every fan’s mind: fantasy football. When the season officially starts, I will be doing week by week reviews of each top fantasy performance. But, for now, I’ll be previewing the fantasy impact that Jaguars players could have on your fantasy team or which could be hurting your chances at a fantasy crown.

Fantasy draft projection based on a 10 team standard format (1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE), 1 D/ST, 1 K, 7 bench)

QB Blake Bortles:
2015 stats: 4,428 passing yards, 35 TD, 18 INT, 52 rushing attempts, 310 yards, 2 TD, 5 Fumbles lost, sacked 51 times (league high)
MY projection: 4,168 passing yards. 31 TD, 13 INT, 48 rushing attempts, 260 yards, 1 TD, 4 fumbles lost, sacked 41 times
Draft projection: 6th-7th round (7th-9th QB taken); Average Draft Projection (ADP): 71

RB Chris Ivory:
2015 stats: 247 rushes, 1,070 yards, 7 TD, 30 receptions, 217 yards, 1 TD
MY projection: 190 rushes, 875 yards, 10 TD, 15 receptions, 130 yards, 2 TD
Draft projection: 8th-9th round; ADP: 86

RB T.J. Yeldon:
2015 stats: 182 rushes, 740 yards, 2 TD, 36 receptions, 279 yards, 1 TD
MY projection: 175 rushes, 675 yards, 5 TD, 45 receptions, 315 yards, 4 TD
Draft projection: 6th-7th round; ADP: 83

I expect Bortles to regress in terms of fantasy production this upcoming season, but it’s not because 2015 was a fluke. He should continue to put up numbers, but with the addition of Chris Ivory and a healthy TJ Yeldon in the backfield, the Jaguars to focus a little bit more on running the football. Getting Yeldon and Ivory involved in the gameplan will take the pressure off Bortles this season and they are perfect complements of each other and will hopefully allow the Jaguars redzone offense to gain a dynamic that fans haven’t seen since the days of Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew.

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WR Allen Robinson:
2015 stats: 80 receptions, 1,400 yards, 14 TD (16 games played)
MY projection: 72 receptions, 1,250 yards, 7 TD
Draft projection: 2nd-3rd round; ADP: 14

WR Allen Hurns:
2015 stats: 64 receptions, 1,031 yards, 10 TD (15 games played)
MY projection: 60 receptions, 1,100, 7 TD
Draft projection: 7th-9th round; ADP: 66

WR Marqise Lee:
2015 stats: 15 receptions, 191 yards, 1 TD (10 games played, 1 game started)
MY projection: 45 receptions, 475 yards, 2 TD
Draft projection: undrafted; ADP: N/A

TE Julius Thomas:
2015 stats: 46 receptions, 455 yards, 5 TD (12 games played, 10 games started)
MY projection: 55 catches, 675 yards, 8 TD
Draft projection: 10th-11th round; ADP: 100

Although my projections for Allen Robinson are not as high as Robinson’s numbers last year, that is due to the signing of Ivory, which will allow for more rushing plays inside the redzone where Ivory will use his bruising power to gain yards. Also with Lee and Thomas being fully healthy, expect targets to be taken away from both Allen brothers and headed towards Lee and Thomas. I expect this offense to take another step forward, but this time in terms of consistency. If I were a fantasy football player, I would want to have at least one of these Jaguar players on their fantasy teams, because I expect them to produce.

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K Jason Myers:
2015 stats: 32/39 XPM, 26/30 FGM, 3 FGM 50+
MY projection: 39/42 XPM, 24/26 FGM. 4 FGM 50+
Draft projection: undrafted; ADP: N/A

People were quick to scream for Jason Myers’ head during the 2015 season after he continually missed extra points and field goals. This was understandable, as he was the only kicker to miss seven extra points last year, and one could make the argument that he singlehandedly cost the Jaguars a few games (ie: week 4 vs Indianapolis when he missed 2 game winning field goals). But he also won a few games for the Jaguars (ie: week 10 vs. Baltimore). I think that he is worth a starting position for your kicker spot on your fantasy football team.