It’s Not That Serious: A Warm Welcome


It’s not that serious.

This should be a lot of people’s life mottos. Things and situations cause people stress, worry and all sorts of emotions that are normal to have. But I feel that society as a whole gets stressed out over things that ultimately are not that big of a deal. Your favorite football team just took an L in a big game (*looks at the Golden State Warriors*). The server at Chipotle didn’t hear your request for extra cheese. The girl you tried to talk to at the bar that one night laughed at your shirt or your dance moves. All of these things make us mad or upset for the moment, but then we realize that it’s kind of dumb to let those things affect us. Sometimes, we even laugh about it. It’s not that serious.

Hence the point of this: To see the humor in life’s situations and to show that even though something may seem crazy or out of control, ultimately it’s not that serious. Sometimes it’ll deal with sports. Other times, it might deal with a social issue. Hell, I might dive in to personal stories that others can learn from. We’ll see what happens.

Just remember: It’s. Not. That. Serious.