Top 16 Jaguars of 2016: #15 Rashad Greene

It may be quite a surprise for you to see Rashad Greene’s name on this list. After all, he played in only nine games as a rookie, averaged less than 5-yards per reception, and scored only two receiving touchdowns on the year.

So why the **** is he on this list?

Despite suiting up for just over half the games in 2015, Greene had the most prolific season as a punt returner that Jaguars fans have ever seen. He averaged 16.7 yards per punt return in 2015, the highest mark in the entire NFL (for players that returned at least 16 punts). Even though Greene missed nearly half the season with injury, he recorded the eighth most punt return yards in the entire league.

Greene might not have had even an average year as a receiver, but he had a remarkable year as a punt returner and helped the Jaguars greatly when they needed it most. Greene’s heroics were highlighted by a 63-yard punt return against the Titans in week 11 that set up the Jaguars game winning score and a 73-yard punt return touchdown in week 14 against division rival Indianapolis that catapulted the Jaguars to a 51-16 victory. Greene was clearly a huge difference maker in 2015 and should be expected to have a great impact on special teams again in 2016, while improving on the offensive side of the ball.

Some naysayers will point to Greene’s 73-yard punt return as an outlier and argue that he was not really that consistent, but even if you exclude that return he still would have averaged over 13-yards per return.

Bottom Line: Greene is an extremely quick playmaker that should lockdown the Jaguars punt return job for years to come and could go down as the best returner in team history. Plus, he might just develop into a solid slot receiver for the upstart Jags, if he can put on some functional weight.