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Photo credit: Morgan Purvis/North Florida Athletics.

The accolades are about a mile-long for former University of North Florida basketball star Beau Beech.  The local star was signed after the NBA draft by the Brooklyn Nets as an undrafted free agent.  Beech had some time in between his workouts, practices and travel to share the pro experience with River City Rogue.

RCR: What was the phone call like from the Brooklyn Nets?

BB: I actually got the call from my agent about it after the draft!  A little different way to find out, but it was still a surreal moment knowing that I had multiple teams wanting me to play for them.  It was like recruiting all over again.  But my agents and I knew Brooklyn was the best fit for me right now and for my future too!

RCR: Are you preparing differently for Las Vegas Summer League now that you have a team?

BB: Not really, everyday I just try to get better in any aspect of the game!  Since I got the call, I’ve been to Brooklyn on two separate occasions to train with some guys to prepare for our Summer League games in Las Vegas.  The most recent time I visited we had full Summer League team practices.

RCR: I remember the Nets had a scout at the game at Kennesaw State.  What is it about your game the Nets like so much?

BB: They like my ability to shoot the ball with my size to space the floor and my overall skill set because it is similar to a guard’s but at 6-foot-9.  So my versatility and potential of my game to expand over time now that it’s full-time focus on basketball with no other distractions.

RCR: Have you picked a jersey number yet?  Do you have one or two in mind?  And can River City Rogue get one?  LOL

BB: For summer league I’ll be 2.  It was given to me based on what I wore at UNF, which is fine by me!  But I am hoping to change my number to 9 at some point in my professional career and stick with that number.  I know 9 seems random, but it has a lot of meaning to me moving into my pro career.  I’m sure I can swing a jersey to River City Rogue down the road!

RCR: What was your experience like in Dallas preparing for the NBA Draft?  Are there one or two moments you’ll always think back on fondly?

BB: Moving to Dallas was a great experience.  Really helped me expand my game, learn from some current NBA players how to play the game, how to stay in the league and how to be an overall professional.  I will still be staying in Dallas until training camp starts in late August early September so there will be more memories to be made there!

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