Beartooth Keeps it “Aggressive”

Over the past year and a half Beartooth has taken the scene by storm, started by their 2014 debut album “Disgusting.”

Led by former Attack Attack! vocalist Caleb Shomo, the band received nominations for “Best New Band” in the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards and “Best International Newcomer” in the Kerrang awards.  Shomo was also listed by Alternative Press as one of the “15 Best Screamers in Modern Metalcore.”

After the band finally announced their sophomore album, it was tough to imagine that they would be able to top “Disgusting”.  But, by god, they found a way.  Titled “Aggressive,” this album provides one of the best listening experiences in recent memory.

From the first track to the last we are treated to Shomo belting out stories of teenage angst that many of us likely felt at some point.  Whether it was fake friends (“Fair Weather Friend”), feeling hatred toward yourself (“Sick of Me”) or using music as your escape (“Rock is Dead”), Shomo pours everything into this album.  The lyrics give us a deeper look into the mind of Shomo and the journey he has been through.

Instrumentally, this album provides the guitar riffs and drum beats that will make your head bang until you break your neck and you will keep going until your head flies clean off your shoulders.

While many were afraid that Beartooth would dial back and bring us a record focused more on commercial success, this album took that and buried it in the ground where it deserves to be.

Instead, we are treated to a soul wrenching album that proves that hard rock is alive and well and not going anywhere.  When these songs are played live, you are guaranteed to experience nothing short of total mayhem and I would not want it any other way.  Do yourself a favor and pick up this album today.

Final Judgement: 4.5/5