It’s Not That Serious: Pokemon GO Is A Great Thing

Last week, Niantic, The Pokémon Company and Nintendo released Pokémon GO to the world and life has not been the same. People are outside and walking. Trainers are making new friends. People are socializing. I personally caught an Oddish while meeting with friends at a spot in Riverside this weekend. It’s great and easily the best thing to happen in 2016.

Oddish like Bold City Brewery.

And yet, we live in a social world where when something reaches a certain level of popularity, people LOVE to voice their opinions. Just a few hours ago, I’ve seen multiple posts on Facebook and Twitter of how nerdy Pokémon players are and how they aren’t playing Pokémon GO, like they are better than everyone.



It is not that serious, Pokémon haters. Look, I’m 29 years old and as I continue to get older, I reminisce about the things that made me happy when I was younger. Nostalgia is a cool thing because it takes me back to when things were a little less complicated. Considering we live in a bit of complicated world right now, sometimes the simple things are absolutely necessary.

Pokémon GO has done some incredible things in its short life span and as much “fun” as it might be for folks that want to joke or clowns players who are enjoying the game, maybe they are just missing out on the concept of just enjoying the simple things in life.

Now, for the love of God and the Jaguars, can someone point me in the direction of a Pikachu PLEASE?!