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Photo credit: Morgan Purvis/North Florida Athletics. 

River City Rogue: Your first three pro games are in the books.  What have you learned that you didn’t already know about the game of basketball?

Beau Beech: Playing these three games in the Las Vegas Summer League has shown me a lot I have never seen before playing basketball – like the pace of play and physicality, but for the most part, basketball is just basketball.  It’s pretty simple really.  It is all the same as I have ever done outside of a few rule changes such as the defensive 3-seconds call and 24-second shot clock.

RCR: What’s it like learning from head coach Kenny Atkinson?  Does he have any coaching similarities to Matthew Driscoll?

BB: Coach Atkins is a great coach.  He is really involved and energetic about everything he does from yoga to practice to team dinners.  He doesn’t do the signature Driscoll “Let’s Gooooo!!!”  However, Coach Atkins has energy similar to coach D in all other aspects.  Basketball wise, both coaches have up-tempo philosophies with a lot of player movement.

RCR: How much did it mean having Coach Driscoll out in Las Vegas for your first game on Saturday?

BB: Seeing Coach Driscoll in the stands was an awesome sight.  Seeing how much he cares about me and my future after UNF means a lot.  That’s what makes Coach D the best coach in the country along with the best person.  It was really weird to see him in the stands and not actually coaching me.  Even though I could feel him coaching me from the third row when I would come out of the game.

RCR: You had impressive outings in the first and third games for Brooklyn.  You’ve made some nice shots, good finishes around the basket and a fantastic block versus the Cavs.  What are you continuing to work on when you’re out there?

BB: I know that my shots will eventually fall.  No matter how many I miss, I always think the next one is going in.  I try to do everything else I possibly can on the floor while I’m in the game.  Rebound, defend, get 50-50 balls and communicate.  You name it and I want to do it to the best of my abilities for every second I’m on and off the floor.

RCR: Nets GM Sean Marks brings with him a mindset from the San Antonio system, which emphasizes constant communication and teammate contact.  How do you carry that into a game?

BB: I try to lead and talk to my teammates as much as possible to get a feel for what we each see.  Also how we can get better as a group so that we can play like the Spurs come game time.

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