The Top 16 Jaguars of 2016: #9 Chris Ivory

Chris Ivory, one of the lone additions to the Jaguars group of offensive weapons this season, is coming off a season in which he lead the AFC in rushing with 1,070 yards, scored seven touchdowns, and averaged 4.3 yards per carry. The Jaguars have not seen numbers like that from one back since Maurice Jones-Drew was in his prime. Ivory was a true workhorse for the Jets in 2015, but he traditionally works best in a running back by committee type situation. That is exactly the situation that he is in now in Jacksonville. Despite averaging an impressive 4.6 yard per carry on his career, Ivory has only carried the ball over 200 times in a season once. At 28 years old and six years in the league, Ivory has carried the ball only 883 times and has averaged less than 10 carries per game.

This is all good news for Ivory and Jags as they should be able keep his workload under control by deploying their impressive second year runner T.J. Yeldon when Ivory needs a breather and as a change of pace. In 2015, and his entire career for that matter, Ivory has managed to be very productive statistically, but even more impressive than his stats may be the way he plays the game. His violent running style has been compared to Marshawn Lynch and other bruisers throughout history, but he brings a style that is all his own. Ivory does not dance around in the backfield, he does not shy away from contact, and he does not often get caught from behind. One of the big surprises since his arrival in the 904 is actually how fast he has looked. When most people think of downhill, violent running backs, they do not normally think of breakaway speed, but that is a trait that Ivory possesses. He and Yeldon will cause fits for opposing defenders if they are given the space they need by what should be an improved Jaguars offensive line.

Bottom Line: Ivory is a physical specimen, able to run through or past defenders. He may see more carries this season than Yeldon, but they will need to rely on each other to stay fresh and to keep defenses off balance. This is the best running back situation that the Jags have had since MOJO D and Freddy T were lacing it up a decade ago.