Beau Goes Pro: 1st Contract

Photo credit: University of North Florida Athletics
Catch up with First Coast native Beau Beech.  He’s now a Brooklyn Net, after a strong two weeks in the Las Vegas Summer League.
RCR: Congratulations on signing a deal with the Brooklyn Nets this time last week.  What was it like putting pen to paper on that contract?
BB: It was an awesome moment to see the papers and contract in front of me with the NBA logo in the corner and have my name on it.
RCR: You had a lot of people reach out to you on social media.  Nets fans seem to be really excited to have you.  Was there someone who reached out to congratulate you that was surprising?
BB: Yeah, people find the name Beau Beech to be pretty cool.  But reading through the tweets was really cool to see all the support and love from numerous people.  The best follow and subsequent tweet at me was by @RestingBoshface.  The tweet was a congratulatory one to me for signing.  The name Resting Bosh Face along with the profile picture for the account is hilarious!  I suggest you give it a look for your own entertainment.
RCR: Is there any area you look at on film where your game wasn’t up to your liking while in the Summer League?
BB: I saw a lot of opportunity for me to make more plays with the basketball and to show more of my skill-set other than just shooting after watching some film.  Overall I need to shoot it better and be able to knock a higher percentage of all my shots in.  Defensively I did okay I thought.  I showed well in some areas, but that is a part of my game that will get better with time and reps at a higher level.
RCR: What’s the plan now for your workouts and preparing for NBA camp and practices?
BB: I am back in Dallas now training like I was before Summer League.  About three workouts a day – two basketball workouts and one weights session.  We have a few more guys here now so we have started to play a little more 2v2 and 3v3 as well as full-court drills to keep conditioning at its highest and be ready for anything that a training camp practice(s) might throw at us.
RCR: Keeping that promise to your college coach Matthew Driscoll is a great story.  How did the conversation go after you told him you were signing a deal?
BB: In typical Driscoll form, as you might expect, he yelled into the phone “LETSSSSSSS GOOOOOOO!!!”  To say the least, he was hyped about hearing the news.
RCR: Overall, with basketball, the games and the city itself, how will you remember the Las Vegas experience?
BB: It was a great experience in Las Vegas.  I got to see and meet a lot of great people within not only the Nets organization but also the entire NBA.  Probably the best time in Vegas was getting to meet up with former UNF Osprey and 3rd all-time leading scorer behind Dallas Moore and I 😉 Koran Godwin.  He used to coach with my dad, Bud Beech, at Nease High School when I was in middle school so we had worked out a lot before when I was younger.  Then he moved to the DC area and I haven’t seen him in years.  We had always kept in touch and to see him there, get to catch up and talk about basketball and life was really awesome.  I also learned a lot too from him about how to be a pro in that talk.  We actually found a time, when I get back to Jax, that we will be able to get some basketball workouts in at UNF and Ponte Vedra.
RCR: You had a chance to play at the TopGolf in Las Vegas.  Jacksonville will have theirs opening soon.  As a golfer, how much fun was TopGolf for you?
BB: It’s a great experience!  It’s so fun especially with a group of friends.  You can play all sorts of games with the targets.  And food is served there, as well as beer.  I highly recommend going when it opens in Jax.  It’s a great date spot too.
Make sure to follow Beau on Twitter – @beaubeech02
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