Monday Must-Haves

Happy Monday, friends!  I bet you’re wondering who this new girl is hanging out here at River City Rogue?!  Hey, I’m Megan!  Let’s hang out sometime.  I’m a public relations and sport management graduate, Disney blogger and adventurer and Etsy shop owner.  I’m a firm believer in life being about more than a 9-5 job and bad office coffee.  So we’re about to start this journey together.  Beyond writing things about sports, the great new restaurant in Five Points or an event coming into town, I want to be here to encourage you all to follow big dreams, because I know you have some.

So here’s the concept for these monthly must-haves: the highlights of the River City!  I’m talking everything from food, sports, social media, style and whatever else I decide to throw in here.

Social Media:

So this month, I want you guys to get to know me a little bit more since I’m new in these parts.  You can find me on Twitter, @megand513.  This is the place where I post life announcements, new blog posts from my personal blog and might even live tweet my Disney day.  I could be talking about a run I just finished and how miserable I feel because it’s as hot as the surface of the Sun outside.  (Not really, the Sun’s temperature is 5,778 thousand degrees.  But still, Florida needs to get it together.)

You can also find me on Instagram, @minglingwithmickey.  Yeah, I have a Disney IG. Everyone needs a little extra magic in their life, especially on Monday.  If you LOVE Disney, I post daily tips and tricks I’ve learned from going to the parks for over 20 years.  There’s the occasional selfie with Kylo Ren, who is super intimidating!  And if none of that is your thing, I’m sure food is.  There’s usually something about Disney food on my Instagram every now and then.

IG (2)


If I was to describe my personal style, I would say it’s a mixed bag.  Since I work from home, I tend to hang out in Nike shorts and a t-shirt most days.  On days where I have to go out to meet people or run errands, I’m usually in a dress.  One of my favorite stores to get dresses from is TopShop.  No, we don’t actually have a stand-alone TopShop here in Jacksonville.  However, if you head to Nordstrom at the St. Johns Town Center, they have a TopShop section, and you can always shop online.  I love TopShop because it’s pretty affordable, the quality is great and this fit of just about everything is perfect for me!

One style of dress I’m loving right now are these of the shoulder boho dresses.  This one from TopShop is my favorite because of the length and the lace detailing.  I don’t like my dresses to be super short and be pulling it down all day.  This one hits just at my knees.  I really love the lace around the top and bottom.  It’s perfect for summer, but can easily transition into fall with a jean jacket.




I think I can speak for all of us here at RCR when I say we are excited for the Jaguars season to pick back up again this month.  I love going out to the open practices and watching the growth in the team, and being able to meet some of the players and coaching staff. Technically, these open practices started last month, but only for a few days.  So we haven’t missed much, friends!  To get into practice be sure to register online through the Jags website,, and click the days you want to attend.  Practice typically starts at 10:00 AM each day, and guests can enter starting at 9:30 AM.

Last year I went to a few of these open practices and had a great time! I met a ton of people, and took some selfies with different players and members of the coaching staff. If you’re debating about going, just give it a shot! If you work downtown and can’t make it for the whole practice that’s okay. I met people last year who purposely scheduled their lunch break first in the office so they could come to practice for 45 minutes and go back to work. That’s dedication, people!



One of my favorite restaurants to go to is The Derby On Park located in Five Points.  The Derby serves lunch and dinner during the week, and adds a great brunch menu over the weekend.  They have inside and outside seating, but the outside seating is where it’s at. It’s all covered, the bar is outside and you get to see the hustle and bustle of Five Points. I’ve never been disappointed by anything I’ve ordered off the menus, but I definitely have some favorites.

For appetizers, the fried green tomatoes really can’t be beat!  They are perfectly cooked, and come with a red pepper sauce and goat cheese. I’m also a major fan of their onion rings.  This is the perfect thing to get when you take your friends out to dinner and want something to share because the portion is huge.  As far as entrees go, the fish and chips are some of the best in Jacksonville.  The Derby uses Intuition Ale in the batter and everything is so light.  This is another great menu item to share because of the portion size, and reheating fish really isn’t the best life choice.  If you’re like me though, then you can’t pass up the opportunity to get shrimp and grits if it’s on the menu.  The Derby uses fresh Mayport shrimp, fried grit cakes and a whole lot of love in this dish.


There are a lot of sporting events going on in August, here in Jacksonville.  Usually this would be the place where I would talk about a really cool concert coming to town or a special holiday event, but August really means the start of fall sports.  So this month you obviously have the Jaguars going on with open practices and preseason games, but there’s also the Jacksonville Suns and the Jacksonville Armada.  I love going to Armada games!  If you like soccer and haven’t gone out to see the Armada play yet, this is the perfect time. Tickets are pretty cheap for great seats and the atmosphere inside the stadium is so much fun!



Yeah, I added in a Disney section.  I know there are other people out there in the River City, who, like me, are excited for blackout season on their annual pass to be lifted this month!  This section of the monthly must-haves is going to be all about limited-time engagements at the parks, new or seasonal offerings or something I’ve found to be helpful in my time of going to Walt Disney World.  This month I’m really excited to see all of the Awaken Summer offerings that started just after my Silver Annual Pass blacked out in June.  These include Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire at Magic Kingdom, Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular at Hollywood Studios, Frozen Ever After and Soarin’ Over The World at Epcot, The Tree of Life Awakens and The Jungle Book: Alive With Magic at Animal Kingdom, and all of the new restaurants and stores at Disney Springs.


So friends, August looks pretty promising.  If you plan on heading out to Jags practice, an Armada game, Derby On Park, Disney, or shopping, let me know.  Also, let me know if there are other sections you want added into this post for next month.  I really want this to highlight all that Jacksonville has to offer.

About Megan:  She grew up in Jacksonville, Florida, and graduated from the University of North Florida with a degree in public relations and sport management.  After college, Megan decided to work for herself, and is now a Disney blogger and entrepreneur.  She drinks too much coffee and thinks running a 10K is fun.  You can find Megan on Twitter, @megand513, and Instagram – @minglingwithmickey – for more adventures in Jacksonville and Disney.