MC Wale’s Musings of the Week

Hello friends. Although I’m contributing to River City Rogue with a few different content pieces that usually take some time to craft, I also want to just drop random thoughts that I have from time to time. So the reason Musings of the Week, these are things I’ve questioned or thought about throughout a 7-day period.  They will be all over the place, so just go with it, o.k.?

  • I’m very excited to see Dante Fowler Jr. face some competition in the preseason. Everything I’ve seen and heard from training camp has been fantastic.
  • On the other hand, I think I’m ready for the Luke Joeckel train to just move to a different city. The former #2 overall pick is taking snaps at left guard, which to me means that the organization is just trying to find a way to salvage the OT. “But Wale, it’s just training camp. Let him get some preseason work in…”. Nah, fam. Just end it.
  • I think that the Olympics need to move to a legitimate International format. I may have mentioned it on Win The Points. Screw having the events in one city or country. Open up the world and have individual events in different cities around the world. It would save money on resources, you still get International competition, and the IOC might cease to exist, which would leave FIFA as the most corrupt sports organization in the world.
  • I’ll never understand why people say they get hacked when they’ve done stupid things via social media (ahem Draymond Green). Own the mistake and chances are we’ll respect you more as a human being.
  • I love the Twitter account @FatKidDeals, but I’m glad that I’m broke as hell because as good of a deal 12 Quest protein bars for $2.76 is, I don’t need 8 orders of them. Well, maybe I should buy them. I wonder what the resale value of protein bars are.