Instagram Stories? InstaSnap? Snapchat? Where do you put your allegiance?

Instagram.  The now-polarizing social media where we used to be able to see our friends, favorite football players and random celebrities photos in chronological order.  Then they messed that up with an algorithm that would “put the best pictures at the top of your feed.”  While the IG community pleads for a setting to get chronological photos back, Instagram came out with a whole new feature this past week: Instagram Stories.  Basically it’s Snapchat for Instagram.  But is it better or worse than Snapchat?

As someone who used Snapchat for a hot second, then deleted the app because it used up WAY TOO MUCH battery life, I prefer Instagram Stories.  I like it because my audience is already there.  I don’t have to tell them to “Find me on Snap!”  They can just open the Instagram app on their phone and there I am at the top of their screen doing a Disney Store unboxing or giving an update on how my day is going.  Much like Snapchat, these stories disappear after 24 hours.

I like Instagram Stories because I can tap my screen and easily go through someone’s story I don’t necessarily want to watch.  I can also instantly direct message someone from their story!  This is probably my favorite feature.  Why?  Because it’s an easy way to interact with people you follow and people who follow you.  The other day I posted a story about following big dreams and encouragement, and I got people who were messaging me saying they needed to hear that today and how awesome it was to have someone in their corner.

Now friends, I don’t say this to toot my own horn, but because I doubt these people would ever comment on one of my pictures that they needed to hear how very loved they are!  I was able to further encourage and love on these people.  I also answered a few questions on a new job I just got and where I bought the shirt I was wearing.  It’s not all deep stuff on the IG Stories.

There are some people I’m still waiting to get on the Instagram Stories train, like the Jaguars.  I would love to see them reach more people with behind the scenes coverage. Whether it’s just catching Blake Bortles walking to the practice field, or showing people what Sunday’s free giveaway item might be.  Or just letting players take over the Jaguars IG Story for a day and see an unfiltered day-in-the-life.  The opportunities are really limitless now!

jags IG

Now I get it, some of you miss the dog filter from Snapchat.  I see you guys!  If you want to stay on Snapchat, that’s totally cool, but you’re missing a great opportunity over on Instagram.