Magic Unveil “Stars” Alternate Jersey

The Orlando Magic just released their new alternate jerseys for the 2016-17 season. The jerseys, known as the “Stars” jersey, are black and feature the streaking ball logo as the centerpiece with horizontal white and blue stripes cutting across the middle. The numbers are located on the upper right chest area. What are our thoughts? RCR contributors Keith Manze and Mike Yazigi debate:

Keith: A lot of things go through my head when I look at these jerseys. The majority of those thoughts? Not good. My first thought is “practice jersey”. Seriously, they look like something you would warm up in. Or they are recreational league uniforms. Or they are on the bargain rack at K-Mart. Whichever one of those you like best, I agree with you. The logo in the middle looks forced. The original team logo would look brilliant because of the stars flashing off the tail end. The numbers in the top corner seem to be part of a new trend that I am not a fan of. I am not looking at a player’s shoulder for a number. Next up are the stripes. It is a nice idea, but why not wrap it around the entire jersey? It does not make sense to me. The Magic organization dubbed these as the “stars” alternate jerseys. I see no stars on the jersey whatsoever. I also see no “star” appeal, and that is why I rate them a 3 out of 10.

At least these were never released…


Mike: The Orlando Magic unveiled a new alternate jersey and the reaction has mainly negative. I personally do not mind the jersey because they are a change of pace from what the team has worn in past years. This is the third alternate jersey that has been added, joining the black pinstripes and the gray sleeved “Pride” jerseys. I like how the organization incorporated the blue and white thick stripes, but I still have concerns. My main one is that the jersey didn’t have the stripes wrapped around the uniform. Another concern of mine is what type of shorts will match this jersey. These jerseys are “Stars”, but personally I don’t understand why the name of the jersey is called this, since the jersey barely has stars in the middle logo itself.

A reason why I do love this jersey is because of the amount of free space the jersey will have. Starting with the 2017-2018 season, teams can begin to sell advertising on their jerseys. Having this jersey gives the Magic more room to gain more advertisers if they so choose to. Overall, I do not mind the jersey. It is a change, but I like how the team is looking ahead to the future with the advertising in play. Rating: 6.5/10
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