MC Wale’s Musings of the Week-Olympic Hopefuls

Hello friends. It’s time for a new addition of Musings of the Week, things I’ve questioned or thought about throughout a 7-day period.  They will be all over the place, so just go with it. Oh, and I will quote myself any time I want to.

  1. There’s a particular type of individual who was truly upset with Gabby Douglas not having her hand over her heart during the playing of the National Anthem when the U.S. women’s gymnastics team won gold at the Olympics. They tend to have dog photos in the profile pictures. What Gabby did wasn’t disrespectful by any means, but unfortunately, the backlash has had an effect on the young athlete.
  2. In the Jacksonville Jaguars loss against the New York Jets, I was all prepared to blast LT/LG Luke Joeckel. Surprisingly, he played well in his opportunities. Once again, jumping to conclusion based off what we hear in training camp is largely unfair. It’s best to wait and see how things play out on the field, although I think he’s still a garbage player.
  3. Those dudes Rae Sremmurd are at it again with SremmLife 2. The album is definitely not for everyone, but as a guy who loves high-energy music and performances, it’s definitely worth a listen. “Look Alive” and “Start A Party” are jams and you can argue with Jordan De Lugo or Richard Miller if you disagree.
  4. The meme of Usain Bolt staring into a camera with a smile while the rest of the pack has struggle faces will be my new favorite thing.
  5. I’m a little disappointed that “No Man’s Sky” has been a PC and Playstation 4 release. I think XBOX One owners would love to have the ability to fly space ships and discover new planets and what not. At least I know I would love it. Hopefully it’s just a time-exclusive situation and not a permanent situation.