The Top 16 Jaguars of 2016: #7 Allen Hurns

Allen Hurns burst onto the NFL scene his rookie year scoring 2 TDs in his first ever NFL game against the Philadelphia Eagles. He did this just a few months after going undrafted and signing on with the Jaguars following the draft. Since then Hurns has been one of the most consistent, hardworking, and productive players on the Jaguars roster.

After just two seasons in the NFL Hurns has already racked up 115 catches, 1,708 yards, and 16 touchdowns, many of which have come at crucial moments for the Jaguars. Heading into year three Hurns and counterpart Allen Robinson are finally getting the respect that they deserve. They are now widely viewed as one of, if not, the best receiving tandem in football.

But what makes Allen Hurns so great individually?

He’s not the biggest receiver or the fastest. He doesn’t have great quickness or the highest vertical. No, what makes Hurns so great is his work ethic and natural understanding of the game. You see, there’s not one thing that makes Hurns so good. He does a lot of things really well, which has allowed him to succeed despite being overlooked by every single team in the NFL. He has good size standing 6’3’’ and weighing in at just over 200 lbs. This allows him to be physical with defenders. Instead of relying on blazing speed, Hurns uses his physical nature and his route running ability to get open, an strategy that will serve him well moving forward. Most of all he catches everything – in 2015 Hurns dropped only 2 passes out of 105 targets. Hurns is proof that hard work can get you farther than natural talent in some situations.

Many pundits expects Hurns’ numbers to drop off in 2016 after he recorded an impressive 10 TDs and 1000+ yards last season. It is possible that a statistical regression could take place for Hurns as the Jaguars will have a more effective running game and will presumably have more consistently healthy receiving options like Julius Thomas and Marqise Lee in 2o16. Regardless of what his numbers are in 2016, Hurns remains one of the best players on the Jaguars roster and is one of the major keys to success for the Jaguars this year and beyond.

The Bottom Line: Allen Hurns is as consistent as they come, so consistent that he was able to set a Jaguars record with 7 straight games with a TD reception in 2015. He is a cornerstone of this version of the Jaguars offense and will be with the team for the foreseeable future. He’s now wrapped up through the 2020 season after signing a big $40 million deal and will help the Jaguars compete for the playoffs year in and year out.