Welcome Back, Wild Wing Cafe!

Wild Wing Cafe will reopen its doors Friday, August 26 after a year of being closed. Let me tell you, I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Located on Southside Blvd in Tinseltown (right next to Hooters), Wild Wing offers your typical sports bar fare, a plethora of televisions, and live music.

Wild Wing Cafe was a great place to hang out. It was a little dark inside and the patio was kind of dingy but the food made up for it. Then, there was the fire. Wild Wing was no more. It sat for months, untouched by anything but my tear-filled eyes on the way to work every morning. Then, about a month ago, I saw life. Trucks, vans, people! Something was finally happening! After weeks of wondering, I found out that I was getting WWC back. And Tuesday night, @ScottManze@eridgeway6590@DrMSnipes and I went to the “guinea pig” night.

WWC bar
Lovely bar setup.

As soon as we walked through the doors you could notice the differences. There is more seating, which will make watching your favorite sport more accessible. There is not a bad seat in the joint thanks to the addition of bigger and better televisions. The bar has been revamped as well, as seen in the picture above. For all you Golden Tee fans, they will have one in the corner by the patio. Speaking of the patio, if any of you recall it used to be screened in. Now it is more similar to the Mellow Mushroom in Tinseltown, just without the direct bar access (the patio is not completed yet so I cannot give a full description). There will also be no smoking or vaping, which is great for someone like me.

Next, is the food. My word, I could eat here every day. Maybe not. I went to the “guinea pig” days three times; Tuesday night, Wednesday for lunch and dinner. My body cannot take much more. The first night Scott and I split some wings. Thirty, in fact. That is right, the wings or nuggets (boneless wings) come in multiples of six. We were able to pick five different sauces and got a total of four ranch cups with our meals. I do not know about you, but that is extremely wonderful. It took us a good five minutes to pick our sauces because there are so many. If you can only choose one, I recommend the Gold Rush. It is a honey bbq sauce with just a slight kick to it.

For my two meals today, I created my own sandwich (you can choose a beef burger, turkey burger, grilled/fried chicken, or a veggie burger) for lunch and had the fajita fiesta salad (kind of like the quesadilla explosion salad from Chili’s without the quesadillas) for dinner. Creating your own sandwich is great when you don’t know what you want. From guacamole to pico de gallo to peanut butter (!!), there are plenty of options to craft your perfect sandwich.

The Fajita Fiesta Chicken, served with Southwest Ranch.

The grand re-opening is Friday at 5:00 p.m. and features live music from Kenny Szupello and Big Engine at 10:00 p.m. On Saturday there will be a parking lot party all day with more live music and headliner Sidereal. For families, Sunday is your best bet, with a parking lot party once again but this time a jump castle and more family fun available! For more information, visit their website here. When you attend, do not forget to request Decha as your server!

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