The Jaguars Are 12-38 and You Should Be Mad As Hell About It.

12-38. That’s not a death-to-kill ratio in Call of Duty. That’s the record of Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley. 12 wins. 38 losses. There is more to come, unfortunately, in the loss column than on the winning side of things. “It’s built”, “It’s a process”, “We’re getting better”, and other terms have been used during this current coaching staff’s tenure. It’s a problem.

This is not a ‘Gus Bradley should be fired piece’ (although he should be). This piece is for the fans. For all of you who have put your energy, money, time, and other resources into supporting the Jaguars. Off the field, this team has done some incredible things. Stadium improvements, increased fan engagements, other things have happened to make interacting and engaging with the Jaguars more accessible and fun for us all.

But the product on the field leaves so much to be desired. 2013’s roster was bad. We all know. In 2014, it got better. In 2015, the roster improved just a little bit more. Now, in 2016, we have the off-season glow from all the accolades put on us by the media and other fan bases saying this team is on the rise and will be making moves. The play on the field thus far is representative of 0-2. Close, but no cigar is not good enough. Being completely unprepared and out-coached is not good enough. Talking about how this team should be taking the next step is not good enough.

Jags fans, you should be mad as hell about your team. It is why we are fans. When they win, we celebrate as if we had a direct influence on the way the team played. When they lose, we take the losses harder than we probably should. But we do not deserve what has happened so far this season. Be angry. Be mad. I will not blame you for that, because I know I’m feeling just like you. Whatever the future holds for the rest of the season, I will still be watching. I will still be supporting and I will still be out here praising and criticizing this team for all the good and bad things they do. But I will not fault you if you are mad about how things go down. Because you should be.