Rogue Reactions: No Charge in Jaguars

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All of the Feels

Disgust headlines this list. Disappointment is up there as well. One we are not feeling is shock, and that should tell the tale. Another egg laid on the west coast. No momentum built after last week’s “moral victory.” This team showed no fire until Jared Odrick’s sideline blowup in the third. If only members of the fan base could have given “pep talks” on the sideline during this one.

Diving Deeper

Are there any positives to take out of this game? If you are off the Gus-bus, you probably feel that this is another step towards taking a new direction. But when? There were a handful of injuries, the franchise quarterback played arguably his worst game as a pro, the same holes on defense were exposed and the the garbage time numbers for the offense that make the day look good in a vacuum almost make it worse. This was a colossal disaster from the opening kick. Jacksonville has now lost four years in a row to the Chargers and still have not won on the west coast since 2004.

What’s Next

The Jaguars return home to host the Baltimore Ravens, who came from behind to beat the Browns in Cleveland Sunday. As the commercials have been pumping up for the last few weeks, one of the only dramatic, feel good wins from the past few years was over the Ravens in Baltimore last year. The Ravens are 2-0 and have an “elite” quarterback in Joe Flacco, a matchup nightmare for Jacksonville. Will the San Diego dud snap this team into gear, or will it start a tailspin of epic proportions. More questions than answers heading in to the showdown at the ‘Bank Sunday. And it is only week three.


“We need to get back to who we are as a team,” Head Coach Gus Bradley to CBS sideline reporter Scott Kaplan at halftime. Upon hearing that quote, I am sure most thought “but this is who we are as a team Gus.”

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Next Up

The Jaguars host the Ravens at 1:00 p.m. Sunday, September 25. If you are still playing Pokemon Go, this is the safari game.