Rogue Reactions: The Fall of the House of Bradley

All of the Feels

Not again. Every time it feels like there might be some respite from the misery, the Jaguars find a new way to rip the hearts out of their faithful fans. A good atmosphere in the ‘Bank was wasted again with another gut-wrenching loss.

Diving Deeper

Of course the coaching staff is taking the brunt of this one. Greg Olsen’s offense largely underachieved, especially at the end of the game. Another loss for Gus Bradley, where the team slogged through another slow start. But, perhaps more concerning was the play of the quarterback, whom many thought would be the least of the team’s worries this year. Bortles threw for under 200 yards and more interceptions (3) than touchdowns (2). How much has he regressed? Is this a cause for concern moving forward?

What’s Next?

This team has to try and figure things out across the pond. The chatter all week is going to be about if the Jaguars lose to the Colts in London, will heads start to roll. Bradley went in to the weekend as +500 to be fired by Bovada, which was second only to Rex Ryan (+150), who promptly went out and got a big win over the Cardinals on Sunday. There was some rumbling from players after the game about play calling as well. This is a pivotal week for the future of this franchise.


“I mean, if I went into somebody else’s work and paid money to watch them work and they did a bad job, I would probably boo them too.” Blake Bortles on the fans booing the Jaguars.

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Next Up

The Jaguars head to London to open up AFC South play against the Indianapolis Colts in a “home game” at Wembley. Jacksonville won for the first time in London last year against the Bills. The game kicks off at 9:30 a.m. Eastern.