Shoup’s Savory Visits: Olean’s

My name is Craig Shoup and I am excited to join the team of River City Rogue. Most of my posts will be centered around food reviews. If you have recommendations, feel free to email me at or on twitter @craigshoup.

Most of the establishments will be from the Jacksonville area, but occasionally there will be some from elsewhere. My first review is from Tallahassee, where I was this weekend for my friends’s wedding.

My absolute favorite place to eat in Tallahassee is Olean’s (1605 S. Adams Street Tallahassee, FL 32301). It is down home southern cooking by Ms. Olean (Ms. O for short). I travel to Tallahassee a few times a year, but she always remembers me. On this trip, I got to introduce her to my wife and share in the tradition.


On to the food. I had the white meat fried chicken with two sides and cornbread ($8). She gave me two breasts and I chose macaroni and cheese and black eyed peas as my sides. This chicken is fried perfectly, extra crispy, with great seasoning. It is very moist, but not greasy; the perfect combination. The macaroni and cheese was as good as your grandmother would make. It was soft and gooey, with more cheese than you could ever ask for. The black eyed peas were perfect, just the right amount of flavor. The cornbread was fresh, hot and sweet and no actual corn in it (if you are not familiar with cornbread some people, for what ever reason, put actual corn in the cornbread and I have no idea way).


I love going to Ms. O’s because no matter how long it has been since you have been there it is like you have never been gone. When she is in between cooking something, she comes out greets everyone in the restaurant and gives you a hug.

Olean’s is open for breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday and breakfast on Saturday and is closed on Sundays. Next time you are in Tallahassee you have to give it a try!