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River City Rogue: Have you been working out the same way all summer?  Or did the Nets give you a plan of attack? 

Beau Beech: I have been doing the same things in workouts that I had been doing all summer.  Obviously there were a few things that the team wanted me to focus on so I did, but the kind of workouts are the same with maybe a few extra reps of certain moves here and there. 

RCR: How does living in Brooklyn compare to the First Coast?

BB: It’s a whole new world!  Brooklyn is so fast-paced and so many people packed into such a small area.  It is hard to imagine how people get places with the volume of traffic on and under the roads.  The most shocking thing about Brooklyn compared to Florida is the weather.  I’ve been wearing a hoodie all week everywhere I go because it is actually fall here. 

RCR: North Florida basketball recently had its first practice of the 2016-17 season.  What do you think of the Ospreys this year?  Any new faces to watch?

BB: You know I keep up with pretty much everyone on the team even the new guys.  I think they have a great chance at winning the conference title again and getting back to the NCAA tournament.  Dallas Moore is a very special player and so is Chris Davenport.  Those two combined with Aaron Bodager and Romelo Banks – other veterans on the team with a lot of playing experience – add a lot of leadership to the team who lost a lot of veterans from last year’s team.  Watch for Garrett Sams, Nick Malonga and Aaron Horne to have big seasons.  I feel with all those veterans around them they can really just play their game. 

RCR: The RCR crew wants to know if you’ve thought about what you’re going to buy with your first NBA check.  

BB: Well, I have.  And it is going to be a winter coat.  Not a very flashy item to buy with the first check, but a necessity for sure.  Probably go with a Canada Goose, I heard those are nice and warm for a Florida boy like myself. 

RCR: Have you met any cool celebrities or basketball stars since we last spoke?

BB: I mean I play on a team with Brook Lopez, Jeremy Lin and Bojan Bogdanovic who are some really good basketball players.  So getting to be around those guys day in and day out is very cool.  I get to learn a lot from them too by watching them prepare for practice and during practice how detailed they are and engaged they are to getting better at their craft. 

RCR: What are you thinking about the Jaguars so far?  Is it tough finding a place that will air Jags games?

BB: The Jaguars are learning how to win, which in the NFL isn’t easy.  The team is playing well and growing week by week I think.  The game in London was great for me to watch because I could stay in my hotel room since it was a national TV game.  But there are some Manhattan bars that are Jaguars fan specific to watch the game.  I had to Google it!  I have not been to one yet.  I’m sure I will make my way there one day to see what it’s like.

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