Welcome the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp – Top 10 MiLB Team Names

Goodbye, Jacksonville Suns. Hello, Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp.

MiLB has some incredible team names, but Jacksonville’s new entry might be the most ridiculous. Yeah, I get that the Jacksonville Suns has a very solid and rich history. Luckily with a team re-brand, that history will never be tarnished.

So it’s time for a Top 10 List of Minor League Baseball Team Names. Let’s goooooooooooooo…

  1. New Hampshire Fisher Cats (AA)- Toronto Blue Jays
    I literally just imagine a cat in a fisherman’s outfit looking for fish at a random lake in Nashua, NH.
  2. Hickory Crawdads (A) – Texas Rangers
    Can you smoke crawdads with hickory wood? It sounds delicious.
  3. Richmond Flying Squirrels (AA) – San Francisco Giants
    Flying squirrels are legitimate animals. Doesn’t make that any less awesome.
  4. Montgomery Biscuits (AA)- Tampa Bay Rays
    Breh, a biscuit mascot with a tongue of butter. And googly eyes. HELP ME.
  5. Midland RockHounds (AA) – Oakland A’s
    WTF is a rock hound? A miner? Someone who is just super passionate about rocks? Can that be a mascot?
  6. Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs (AAA) – Philadelphia Phillies
    Big fan of the Iron Pigs. Their season ticket packages are called the Bacon USA Membership program. Also, their hat has a bacon strip on it.
  7. Cedar Rapids Kernels (A) –Minnesota Twins
    Named after corn, the Kernels have an equally ridiculous logo.
  8. Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp (AA) – Miami Marlins
    I just pray that Mayport shrimp is delivered daily for game day. It almost has to.
  9. Quad Cities River Bandits (A) – Houston Astros
    Naturally, when you think “river” and “bandit”, you think raccoon with a bandana over its face. Nature’s thief gets a dope logo.
  10. Lancaster JetHawks (A) – Colorado Rockies
    This logo is fierce as hell. I feel like saluting.