The Thanksgiving Fantasy Food Draft

Thanksgiving is just a few days away and as much as I’d like to hurry up and expedite the hell out of 2016 (seriously, this has been the most up and down year I’ve experienced in 29 years of life), I also would like to focus on two things that folks hold dear around this time. The first is the overabundance of thanksgiving food. Turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, cranberry sauce, and the list continue in perpetuity forever.  The other thing folks hold dear is their fantasy football teams. Some have quit paying attention because they are already out of the playoff hunt (Thanks, Blake Bortles). But how can we merge the two?

There’s a better way to kill time waiting for dinner than talking to family. I mean, you’re probably going to argue with them anyways, so you might as well have a Thanksgiving Fantasy Food Draft?

The goal is to create the strongest Thanksgiving food plate following the criteria:

  1. One meat – “But Wale, there’s only turkey and maybe a ham…” I understand that but look at the bigger picture. You can break it down to white meat, dark meat, drumstick, wings, etc. There’s also smoked turkey, fried turkey, etc. Plus some people have duck, which is pretty legit.
  2. Three sides – Here’s where the bulk of your plate is going to get a lot of play. Choose wisely amongst the various sides that are had during Thanksgiving and there’s no stealing someone else’s side. Also, dressing and stuffing? Two different items.
  3. One dessert- Everyone has a favorite dessert and to ensure that you’ll get the highly ranked sweet potato pie, you might want to draft this one early.
  4. One beverage- You got to have to have a drink that will go down smoothly with your meal. Choose carefully.
  5. One flex item- Ah, the flex. A position that can make a break a lineup. You get one additional side, dessert, or beverage to fit in this position.

Take the time to come up with your best Thanksgiving plate and share the results of your Thanksgiving Fantasy Food Draft in the comments here, on Facebook or just tweet your plate at me on Twitter @themcwale using the hashtag #RCRFFD. And remember, if a fight breaks out due to this, please record it.