After a long Thanksgiving Holiday, I thought I would take us to something without any traditional Thanksgiving food….Pizza Italiano.

Pizza Italiano is a local Italian restaurant featuring great pasta dishes and pizza. On the day I went I ordered a large pepperoni pizza. As a large eater, I found it to be the perfect amount, for a family of three, it would be perfect for them also. The pizza had a crispness to the crust, but the rest of the slice was soft. The cheese was covering the pizza fully and there was a generous portion. The marinara sauce was sweet and just enough of it was on the pizza that you knew it was there but it was not messy.

The friends that went with me got the owner/chef (Mr. Leo) to make them a pasta dish of his choosing. He put in some noodles, cheese, chicken, sausage, mushrooms, onions and anything else he felt like. They have raved about it and get him to make it every time we go.

You know you’re at a special place if you can get a chef’s specialty.

This is a true small business as the restaurant holds less than 100 people and I have never seen more than three people working there, including Mr. Leo. With that said, the service has always been top notch, my drink never sits empty, and my food always comes out quick and hot.

Check out Pizza Italiano at 5150 Normandy Blvd (across from the old Normandy Mall). They are open for lunch from 11-2 and dinner from 5-9 Monday through Friday.