MC Wale’s Musings of the Week: Post D.C. Edition

Just jumping into the different muses I’ve had lately….

The Jaguars are bad and this season as a whole is a massive disappointment. While I’m upset with the team’s performance, I feel that there are certain lines that fans should never cross. I’ve seen and heard more backlashes about the ownership and some even going as far as trashing the Khan family as a whole. My philosophy has always been that fans can and should be critical of front office/ownership performance, but the second you go in on someone’s family, you’ve crossed a line.

I don’t know why people are so shocked that Penn State was effectively blocked out of the College Football Playoff. This playoff is a sham and just a way to make people want to push for 8 team playoff, which it should have been from the start. Honestly, the real playoff system should be the conference champions from the Power 5 and three at-large bids. I’d even accept the top two teams in every conference move to the playoff bracket. No more complaints and more football. Classes be damned.

Back to the Jaguars, I feel awful about Allen Robinson not getting the critical pass interference calls, especially after the game against the Denver Broncos. There were easily two or three no-calls that should have been and Robinson collected a 15-yard personal foul yelling at a referee after getting mugged on a fourth-down play late in the game. But, Robinson also needs to give more consistent effort on the field too, because when a football hits you in the chest, don’t bobble it and have it get stolen from you.

I took a day trip to the Nation’s capital, Washington D.C. this past weekend. I must say that it’s a great city to visit and explore. The history of the country surrounds you, Ubers and taxis are plentiful and there are some fantastic restaurants and nightlife options. As a proponent of travelling, even if it’s for a short time, it’s something folks need to do consistently. Make that happen.