Congrats on the Goals: MC Wale Finds Positives in a πŸ’© Year

I think most people have come to the realization that 2016 as a year was kind of terrible for everyone. Speaking for myself, this year was a roller coaster. Something positive would happen, then immediately nine negative things would go down. It was a mess.

I also tend to go through seasonal depression around the holidays. I haven’t been able to pinpoint the exact cause, but to help combat that, I tend to look back at some of the things that I accomplished in the month’s previous. A few days ago, I took to the Twittersphere and asked the Internet the question: β€œWhat did you say you were going to accomplish this year and successfully did it?”

I received a flood of answers. Here are some of my favorites.
Some accomplished some educational goals:

Some started new career paths:

Some decided to start families:

Some decided to see the world:

Some wanted to improve themselves (or not):

And some just wanted to aim for laughter: