MC Wale’s Musings of the Week: I Don’t Want That Job Either

Lots of things have gone down in past seven days, and I got some stuff on my mind. Let’s get them out.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have made some waves in their head coaching search. That fateful Monday afternoon when they announced they were going to retain the interim head coach Doug Marrone, announced Tom Coughlin would be joining the team as an executive VP, and then announcing general manager Dave Caldwell was getting an extension. That was wild and done in the most back-assward order of all time. I feel PR professionals were screaming “NONONONONONONONONONONONO!!!” as the information trickled in. We’re a week and some change past that day and I can’t help but feel that the whole situation is representative of the team as well. Just a botched situation overall.

The Chargers moving from San Diego to Los Angeles is disappointing, but I’m not nearly as upset about that as I am about that BS they tried to pull about their new logo. That L.A. Dodger/Tampa Bay Lightning lovechild isn’t fooling anyone. One thing I am interested in seeing is how the atmosphere of Charger games are going to be like when they are playing in the 30,000 seat StubHub Center. I’m willing to bet the in-game experience might actually be good.

Artist and DJ Bonobo dropped a new album this week. Called Migration, this album fuses electronic beats and older samples from blues and jazz. It’s a must listen.

How many folks are going to look at the San Francisco 49ers’ job and be like “Nah, fam. I’m good.” Tom Cable has withdrawn his name from the search and all eyes seem to be on Kyle Shanahan, the offensive coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons. What if the team waits for him, then Kyle is like “You know what, I think I might stay one more year in Atlanta.” Oh, the hilarity that would abound.

Former star running back Marcus Lattimore hit us with this great piece of advice:

Last little note: Downtown Jacksonville has already suffered two shootings in 2017. Now Jacksonville (downtown specifically) tends to get a bad rap about how dangerous it is. It’s not. I’ve spent a lot of time in the downtown area and never felt as if my life was in danger. I’m all for increased police enforcement if it’s going to help make things better and help people feel more comfortable downtown, but don’t stop attending events or visiting the local spots in that area. We want it to thrive.