Trust The Process: Episodes 1-3

As Jaguar fans, we have been trusting the process of Shahid Khan for several years now. As Magic fans, we have done the same with Rob Hennigan. Minor league teams and the success they have is also a process. What about producing a vlog with minimal experience in front of and behind a camera? Now that, my friends, is truly Trusting The Process.


Keith Manze, Mike Yazigi, and Skyler Chase bring Trust The Process to River City Rogue. From local sports to local events, they have you covered. A new video will be up each week; hopefully, every new one is better than the one before. Check out episodes 1-3 below. Don’t forget to like and subscribe on Facebook!

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

These are very rough, so please bare with us. We will get better. Just remember, we are all just Trusting The Process.

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