A Truckin’ Good Time

The Jacksonville Monster Jam event has been a popular event for Duval residents for over two decades. From the household name Grave Digger to the nation’s youngest female driver Wild Flower, the hype is real. Also, for the first time ever, Jacksonville got to host two back-to-back Monster Jam events-Saturday at 7 pm and Sunday at 2 pm.
I have lived in Jacksonville for the majority of my young life and I had never been to this event at EverBank. I have heard from friends and co-workers that Monster Jam is a great place to go get drunk and watch trucks smash junk cars. It did not sound like my cup of tea. Don’t take my opinion seriously, though; I enjoy getting drunk and watching 40 cars take left turns.

After some research, I discovered that there is actually a league and points standings for the trucks. They earn points for each event and there is a championship at the end of the season. For more info (if you’re really interested) click here.
Qualifying got off to a slow start but things got more exciting with the wheelie event. My personal favorite, Ice Cream Man (his intro music was the cliche truck music which is awesome) flipped his truck and got stuck upside down. Needless to say, there was no cherry to top his sundae.


I’ll take a choco taco, please.

After the wheelies there were racing heats and then the freestyle. I anticipated more car crushing and crashing but that’s more demolition derby style. These guys do tricks and flips which are entertaining and all but I rather see some explosions. Being a true NASCAR fan I shouldn’t want this-I should encourage clean racing and following the rules. This is a different breed, though.

I would say if you’ve never been you should check it out. It’s a unique experience that we are lucky enough to host here in Jacksonville. Tailgating before hand is the way to do it; you get better parking, more area to move around, and if you have pit passes you can explore that area before the crowds come. Unfortunately, you will have to wait til next year (unless you want to go to Vegas for the championship). If you can’t wait that long, check your local retailer and buy Hot Wheels sets and have yourself a grand ol’ time!

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