Random Poll of the Week: Burger or Hot Dog?

‘Tis the season…baseball season that is. Soon we will be back in our rituals; yelling at umpires, begging for a free XL t-shirt, and discussing if Biscuits or Jumbo Shrimp is the stranger team nickname. But the number one ritual? Getting a bite to eat. Each ballpark has their own funky menu that fans get to dissect. The most popular debate in ballpark food selection is what we dive into today; hot dog or hamburger?

You guys are smart. Good choice.

Hot dogs can be versatile. Chicago dogs, coney dogs, to even pizza dogs. But I’m talking about your every day, average dog. For me, that’s ketchup only. I could take down multiple dogs and not regret it later. Burgers are…not for me. Yes, I am biased on this poll. I do not eat burgers. No cheeseburgers, hamburgers, whatever burgers. Please don’t @ me.


People that chose ‘other’ voted for:

Brats: A respectable choice that my dad would definitely vote for.

Peanuts & Beer: Not quite a meal but I can totally understand this selection. Not boiled, though. They have to be roasted. Like I might get for this take (heh).

Caramel Kettle Corn: A classic from the Baseball Grounds of Jax. Always delicious to munch on.


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