Random Poll of the Week: French Fries


Any trip to a fast food establishment involves getting some sort of chicken, burger, or sandwich with french fries and a beverage. Many variations of the fry have been becoming popular on my newsfeed; cauliflower fries and cinnamon stick “fries” come to mind. For this poll, we are sticking with the norm. Thank you to all that participated, I received a total of 63 votes! Here are your results:


Taco Bell (1 vote)

What may seem like a joke, Taco Bell does actually serve fries in other countries. Thanks to an inside source (thank you, Lexy) I have found out that the Taco Bells in Costa Rica are delicious.


taco bell
Taco Bell does whatever the hell they want.


Hook Fish & Chicken (1 vote)

Located on Atlantic Blvd. near 295, Hook Fish & Chicken may not be the first place you’d pick when looking for a bite. Known for frying up seafood and chicken, one Yelp user described their french fries as “crispy and very good”. Hard to argue that!

PDQ (1 vote)

PDQ opened it doors in Tampa back in 2011 and is notable for having delicious milkshakes and serving Cheerwine in the bottle. They also have zucchini fries, which I am very down to try.

Sub Cultured (1 vote)

As the name hints, subs are the name of the game here. The regular fries are good, but if you’re feeling spunky trying the poutine, a Canadian favorite.

Burger Fi (1 vote)

This Town Center favorite serves fries in laaaarge quantities. You can order these in a variety of ways, ranging from Parmesan & herb to salt & vinegar.


burger fi
what in fry-nation…


Burger King (1 vote)

No, we’re not talking about chicken fries. Fun fact: Did you know BK was founded here in Jacksonville?

Wing Stop (1 vote)

I partially shed a tear on this one. My personal favorite fast food french fries, Wing Stop seasons their french fries with Lawry’s and a pinch of sugar to sweeten them up.

Dairy Queen (2 votes)

Not a place particularly known for their fries (or food, for that matter). Yet, DQ is able to squeak out two votes.

dairy queen

Wendy’s (2 votes)

Wendy’s is lower on the list than I expected. Since the introduction of “natural-cut” fries with sea salt, I have always enjoyed snacking on these fries. Where’s my Frosty for dipping?

Popeye’s (3 votes)

Cajun fries for the win. Honestly believe this is underrated, too. When I have eaten these, I have wanted them to be spicier and also less spicy at the same time.

Whataburger (4 votes)

I can honestly say I have never tried Whataburger fries. From what I have been told they aren’t anything flashy, just good quality fries.

Arby’s (5 votes)

Honestly believed this would be in the top 3. Arby’s signature curly fries are delicious plain, but why do that when you have plenty of delicious dipping choices?


My former Academy co-worker’s like dem curly fries.


Zaxby’s (6 votes)

As a former Zaxby’s employee, I can tell you that when the oil is just right and you add just the right amount of seasoning, these crinkle cut fries are tough to beat. Zax sauce as your dipping sauce elevates the deliciousness ten-fold.

Five Guys (7 votes)

Forget what I said about Burger Fi having large quantities. You literally get a sack of fries at Five Guys. Freshly cut and fried in peanut oil, these fries are the perfect pairing for their burger counterpart (or so I have been told).

#3 McDonald’s (8 votes)

The world’s most popular fast food chain probably has the most popular french fries. Not in this poll, though! Just make sure you eat ’em while they’re hot. No bueno soggy Micky D’s fries.

#2 Chick-Fil-A (9 votes)

I had some very emotional pleas to make sure this was number one. Alas, CFA’s waffle fries must settle for the silver medal. Their only possible downfall? The super potato-ey wedges and that once in a blue moon visit where you get the soggy after-the-rush order.

Sorry, Mike.

#1 Checker’s/Rally’s (10 votes)

The super secret black pepper spice blend sets Checker’s or Rally’s fries over the competition. I was honestly surprised with the love they were receiving at first but remembered how good these fries are even out of the frozen section at the grocery store. I may just have to give Checker’s a visit again to try our gold medal winner’s fries again.


Checker’s takes the “checkered” flag. Okay, I’m sorry for that.



Well, there you have it. With several people crowning Chick-Fil-A the champion before all the votes were in, Checker’s swooped in and grabbed the W. Wingstop and Wendy’s did not get enough love and McDonald’s got too much love. But hey, what do I know? I just like french fries. Tune in each week on Facebook and Twitter for the poll of the week.

Several fries were consumed during the creation of this post.

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