My Favorite Josh Scobee Moments: MC Wale Looks Back

Joshua Taylor Scobee is going to retire a Jacksonville Jaguar. After being drafted by the team in 2004 and legitimately being one of the best players on the squad during a very dark time of football here in Duval, I personally want to remember Josh for some of the great things he’s done here in Jacksonville. Here are my top 5 personal Josh Scobee moments.

5. Scobee Singlehandedly Beating the Ravens on Monday Night Football (4th and 43)

On a cool crisp October night, Josh Scobee was our only form of offense that night, as the Jaguars beat the Baltimore Ravens on Monday Night Football, 12-7. I recall getting in two almost fights, but thanks to attending that game with two near giants (Shouts to Jeremy and Chase), I walked out heckling Ravens fans by saying “Our kicker is better than your entire squad.” Which on that night was absolutely correct.

4. Scobee Bodying Me on Twitter After I wished for a Different Way to Win

I’m not proud of this but here’s what happened:

I didn’t see the reply until after lunch, but boy I WAS SHOOK.

3. Josh’s Game Winner vs. Pittsburgh in the 2007 Playoffs

He missed one earlier in that game, but Scobee is always clutch when you need him to be and he kicked the Jaguars into the second round of the AFC Playoffs.

2. Playing Eagle Harbor Golf Course with Josh and Adam Podlesh

Now Josh might not remember this but I will never forget this day ever. Josh had tweeted that he needed two people to fill in for some folks that dropped out of a match at Eagle Harbor. Me being funny responded that I’d like to play. A few minutes later, a DM comes through with instructions on what time to play. As my buddy Ben and I played awful golf, I was impressed with how patient that Josh and the rest of his crew were with us. They gave us pointers and even let us win a hole (to save our egos for sure).

1. 59-yard Walk-off Field Goal to beat the Colts in 2010

Most of us remember where we were when this moment happened. I was in section 436 with two friends who had never been to a Jaguars game before. Then they witnessed this…

You’ve had a fantastic career and I, for one, am super excited to see you retire as Jaguars and remain a pillar of the Jacksonville community. Happy retirement, Mr. Scobee.