The Pros and Cons of the Man Romper: An MC Wale Investigation

It’s been less than 24 hours since the world has been privy to the knowledge of the Man Romper.  The RompHIM™ Kickstarter project was funded in one day, aiming to drop the first line of male rompers by mid-summer.

Obviously, everyone has their takes on this. Some think it’s a great idea. Others, not so much. But all that matters is what I think about the new style of outfit. I’m a bit torn, so I went with a pro’s and con’s list. Let’s see how this shakes out.


  • Leg Day Gym Bros Finally Shine!
    If you’re an active leg day kind of guy, this is how you get that appreciation. Sky’s out, ripped thighs out.
  • Breezy Feel
    I guarantee that the clothing is gonna be made with super lightweight material, so during the summer, it’s gonna feel absolutely great.
  • Matching Game Strong
    Let’s just be real: summer colors are the best colors, and the matching your romper with your Jordan’s or shoe game could be lit.


  • Bathroom Usage Will Never Be The Same Again
    You gotta take the entire thing off to poop. You’re telling me you’re gonna strip down naked in a public bathroom stall to drop a deuce? Nah.
  • Limited Wardrobe Changing Options
    If you’re out partying and someone spills a drink on you, you can’t change an aspect of the outfit. You’ve committed to it, so deal with it.
  • Seriously, What if You Have To Poop?
    Have I mentioned the whole “You gotta get naked to poop” thing? I feel that’s super important.

Ultimately, I think I’m down on the RompHIM™ idea, although I won’t shame you for rocking it. Unless this happens….