Mock Draft Monday: Jax Beer

After a brief hiatus for all of you to recover from the actual NFL Draft and the glut of mock drafts that you consumed leading up to it, we return with the most eagerly anticipated aspect of your otherwise drab Mondays.

This week, we highlight the best of the burgeoning craft beer scene in Jacksonville, which started in earnest back with Bold City Brewery’s founding nearly ten years ago and now features breweries in every part of the city with more popping up seemingly every month. Here are the locally produced beers that stand out the most to us here at RCR.

1. Intuition Underdark (Imperial Stout)

Normally there’s a lot of pressure associated with having the first overall pick, but in this case it was easy. Intuition’s annual release of Underdark is a major event – and bottles are a legit commodity after the fact. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it’s a fantastic brew, and spotting it on tap is always a find. And if that’s not enough, the name (and bottle) is a nice nod to all of us who grew up following the adventures of Drizzt & Co.

Zander Kean

2. Bold City Killer Whale (Cream Ale)

The most popular selection from the areas first widely established craft brewery.

MC Wale

3. Intuition Easy on the Eyes (Session IPA)

I am an IPA fan (as my later picks will back up), and when I discovered this one for the first time last summer, I knew it was true love. Full IPA flavor with increased drinkability, it is perfect for any season.

-Scott Manze

4. Bold City Duke’s Cold Nose Brown Ale

With a top-five pick in my lap, I was going either Bold City or Intuition at 4. Duke’s Brown Ale is an easy go-to that’s never overwhelming. Plus, I always feel like I could pet the can. No? No one else?

-Richard Miller

5. Bold City Mad Manatee (IPA)

Manatees are my favorite Florida mammal so this beer seemed cool to me. Fun fact: manatees are believed to be evolved from elephants!

-Skyler Chase

6. Green Room Double Overhead (Double IPA)

A hoppy delight no matter the time of year. A Double IPA with high alcohol content and a wonderful beach-y flavor.

Jordan de Lugo

7. Intuition Jon Boat (Coastal Ale)

A highly underrated beer. It has a low ABV, which is good for the social drinker. And it’s easy to drink since it doesn’t have a lot of carbonation like other beers.

-Mike Yazigi


8. Veterans United Raging Blonde (Blonde Ale)

Raging Blonde is one of the first local craft brews I tried. Definitely a go-to beer for me when I’m overwhelmed with a large menu.

-Keith Manze

9. Green Room Pablo Beach (Pale Ale)

Sometimes you’re just looking for a refreshing beer that won’t make you feel like you just ate a three-course meal after a pint or two. I tend to prefer Jon Boat for that purpose, but with it off the board, Green Room’s Pablo Beach is a strong fallback. It’s readily available on tap throughout the city and is a nice complement to just about anything.

-Zander Kean

10. Aardwolf San Marco Sour (Sour/Wild Ale)

(Ed. note: Wale was too busy consuming San Marco Sour’s to explain his pick.)

-MC Wale

11. Green Room Head High (IPA)

My first local IPA love, still the one I direct people who say they don’t like IPA’s to try before they completely swear off the style.

Scott Manze

12. Intuition People’s Pale Ale

People’s Pale Ale and Jon Boat are the two local beers I drink the most. Figuring that Jon Boat would not make it out of the top-10, People’s Pale Ale provides me with a starter in this league for awhile.

-Richard Miller

13. Aardwolf Early Bird Special (Imperial Stout)

It even sounds delicious. With cinnamon and vanilla you can drink it for breakfast!

-Skyler Chase

14. Intuition I-10 (IPA)

One of the most popular beers from our fair city. this west coast style IPA is a flagship brew at Intuition Ale Works.

Jordan de Lugo

15. Engine 15 Nutsack (Brown Ale)

A caramel flavored beer. I usually am not a fan of caramel itself, but with this beer, it works well. Once you finish one Nutsack, you would want another round of Nutsack!

Mike Yazigi

16. Bold City 1901 Red Ale

Being a red ale I never thought I would care for 1901. It’s one I like to just sip on when I don’t have the funds to get multiple beers.

Keith Manze

17. Intuition King Street Stout (Imperial Stout)

Of Intuition’s four beers available in cans, King St. Stout is the rarest of them all. It’s pretty easy to spot Jon Boat, People’s Pale and Easy on the Eyes in stores, but running into a four-pack of this one is a nice surprise. Drinking a few of these at one time will fill you up pretty good – but that’s alright. It just leads you to spreading things out and making those cans last longer.

Zander Kean

18. Pinglehead Endless Summer (Blonde Ale)

It is officially summer around these parts, and the Orange Park located Pinglehead’s light blonde ale is great for anything summer related.

-MC Wale

19. Veterans United Scout Dog (Brown Ale)

Everyone needs a good go-to brown ale for the fall/winter nights, and this has become my local favorite. Bonus points for now being available in six packs for purchase!

-Scott Manze

20160827_19370420. Engine 15 Old Battle Axe (IPA)

Engine 15’s Old Battle Axe isn’t too sweet for me and can be refreshing on warm days.

-Richard Miller

21. River City Brewing Company Jag Light (Pilsner)

Go Jags!

Skyler Chase

22. Green Room Quetzacoatl (Strong Ale)

One of the biggest bottle releases in the city. Every time Green Room taps this brew, it goes quick.

Jordan de Lugo

23. Intuition Turn Down for Wit (Witbier)

Jacksonville’s brew compares to Blue Moon, but one doesn’t taste the orange right off the bat, it may take a few sips to really taste it. But when you do, you can hardly tell a difference.

-Mike Yazigi

24. Aardwolf Bees?! (Saison)

Lindsay: Because, for your information, I have a job.

Michael: Really? What kind of job?

Lindsay: Beads!

G.O.B.: Bees?!

Lindsay: Beads.

G.O.B.: Beads?!

Michael: G.O.B.’s not on board.

Keith Manze


25. Green Room Count Shaka-U-La (Stout)

I *swear* I don’t drink dark beer nearly as much as my selections would make you think. I usually prefer pale ales and hefeweizens over anything else. But with my final pick in this draft, Count Shakula was hard to pass up. It’s not as easy to spot on tap (shouts to Island Girl Cigar Bar for featuring it on occasion) – but that just gives you a good reason to head out to the beach and pick up a growler.

-Zander Kean

26. Brew’s Hipster Speedball (Cold brew coffee + Stout)

You need your coffee, why not mix it with beer? Two birds -> one stone.

-MC Wale

27. Aardwolf Farm To Table Saison

A seasonal offering from Jacksonville’s much needed first brewery that was not across a bridge. I have found that saison’s are my favorite niche style, and you cannot really go wrong with any from Aardwolf.

Scott Manze

28. Aardwolf Endless Void (Sour/Wild Ale)

I needed to close with an Aardwolf brew. I haven’t been as much as I’d like, but Endless Void has treated me well when I’ve gone. My draft strategy was need over position.

 -Richard Miller

29. A1A Ale Works Porpoise Point Pale Ale

I had to give St. Augustine some love, so I chose a random beer. (Ed. Note: This beer choice was so random, it actually isn’t even brewed anymore).

Skyler Chase

30. Bold City Bourbon Barrel Aged Roxy’s Finest Imperial Cream Ale (Nitro)

A sweet, yet potent, cream ale and the nitro version packs a serious punch. With over 10% ABV, this is one of the stronger local brews you’ll find.

Jordan de Lugo

31. Green Room Brewing Cherry Key Limeade Wit (Witbier)

There are people who like fruity beers, and this is one choice that satisfies the fruity requirement. The cherry limeade makes it feel like you’re drinking one as you continue on. Not a bad choice if you like cherry and lime.

-Mike Yazigi

32. Ancient City Brewing Black Cherry Ale

I like order black cherry soda (especially from BJ’s brewhouse), so this is always a delicious decision.

-Keith Manze