Shoup’s Savory Eats: Pinegrove for the AM

If you have been a reader of this you have seen one of my first reviews was Pinegrove Market & Deli. I have visited this establishment many times, but never for breakfast. This beautiful Saturday morning I just dropped my dog off at the groomers in Five Points and thought this would be the perfect way to kill some time.

I ordered the loaded pita and biscuits n’ gravy, which turned out to both be good choices. The pita had two fried eggs with American cheese and a large helping of bacon. It was toasted and had the perfect crunch

It did not take long for Shoup to finish this savory meal.

The biscuits n’ gravy were outstanding. The gravy was creamy, enough spice to know you were eating something that was not straight from the can, but not overpowering. It also had plenty of sausage in the gravy. The biscuits were obviously homemade; quite large and with a fluffy consistency. They served as a great complement to the gravy and would have also been good to replace the pita…maybe another time.

It is rare that you can find a establishment that can do two great meals, but this is the one. They do offer dinner…maybe another night.

For future ideas for Shoup to check out, hit him up on twitter at @craigshoup. Until next time, stay hungry my friends.