Groundhog Day for the Seminoles

Anticipation, impatience and excitement are all emotions that torture fans across the country in what seems like a never-ending college football off-season.  Nothing is worse than those miserable seven months between the bowl game and the first game of the season.  Except a second offseason.

That’s exactly what Florida State is dealing with after Hurricane Irma tore through the state, leaving cancelled and postponed games in her wake.

I think I speak for Florida State fans everywhere when I say that the three weeks between the season opening loss to Alabama and the noon kickoff against NC State have been substantially more dreadful than those seven desolate months without football.

So here we are, four weeks into the season and still wondering what the Noles will look like on Saturdays this season.  The same questions that were being mulled over all offseason are still unanswered.  That’s a stark difference from the rest of college football teams who are starting to find the identity of their team.

Instead of analyzing match-ups with opponents, we are still trying to figure out if the Seminoles are contenders or pretenders.  Will the special teams be vastly improved since their abysmal performance against Alabama?  Is the defense going to live up to their potential?  Can the offensive line take the next step in protecting the quarterback or did they just have a good outing against the Crimson Tide?

The most pressing question is, what does our offense look like with freshman, James Blackman, at the helm?

By the grace of the football gods, those questions should be answered this Saturday at noon against the Wolfpack.

James Blackman should have plenty of opportunities to reply to the concerns of Nole Nation as he faces an NC State secondary that is 101st in pass defense efficiency.  While the Wolfpack have struggled against the pass, their run defense ranks 11thin the country at stopping the run.  With seniors starting at every position across their front seven defensively, rushing yards might be hard to come by for FSU.

The emerging trio of Seminole wide receivers could allow Blackman to have a good day on Saturday.  If that were to happen, Florida State would bounce back into the national picture and help give the nation some insight on what this team might be capable of achieving.  Will the Noles exceed our expectations and put the fate of their season back in their own hands or will the rust from “Hurricane Irma’s offseason” cause FSU to drop to 0-2 to start the season?

One thing is for certain, Saturday will finally end the constant battering of questions that have been circling this team since January.  Sunday, everyone can wake up and have a much clearer picture of kind of team Jimbo Fisher has this season.