Welcome Back, River City Rogue

It has certainly been a while. From school, full time jobs, and a list of other responsibilities, it has been hard to run River City Rogue the way we originally wanted to. There were great moments, like the heated debates of our Mock Draft Monday’s, and there were dark moments, especially the lack of content towards the end. So here’s to a new beginning.

The “new” River City Rogue is not much different from the original. If you were not around for the beginning, here’s a brief synopsis: RCR is a home for anything local. Whether it is sports, restaurants, music, or something different, we are a home for aspiring writers/bloggers/vloggers to get their foot in the door. There’s articles, videos, and podcasts, all with a Duval connection.

Fans of Trust The Process, get excited! The podcast I host with Mike Yazigi and Skyler Chase will have a permanent home here. We will try and keep things light-hearted; but that doesn’t mean we won’t get serious from time to time. This is just supposed to be a fun venture for all.

So how can you get involved? Like, comment, and share our content. Want to share your own ideas? Don’t be afraid to reach out to me! Send me a link of your blog, podcast, etc. I will reply. Let me help you get started.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope we can keep you coming back to River City Rogue for more Bold Views from the Bold City and Beyond. Every time you come here you are helping a dream come closer to a reality.  #GoRogue.

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Keith Manze