Drinking In Duval

Duval boasts many different bars and breweries. The downtown bars start at Intuition and end with Bold City and others completing The Elbow. San Marco features Side Car, Grape & Grain, and Aardwolf Brewing Company. Five Points has Hoptinger, River & Post, Rain Dogs, and more. Head down a little further to the King Street District and you can find Keg and Coin, The Garage, and Dahlia’s among others. On the other end of the city the Jacksonville Beach bars are widely known by all. More chain-based districts include Tinseltown and the Atlantic Beach Town Center.

With all of those places around, what is missing? Are you more interested in a new concept? Or is it more about location for you? We have seen places come and go that were thought to be successful. We have seen random spots like Wicked Barley in Baymeadows flourish and attract all kinds of attention. But is the recipe for success to brew your own beer? Wicked Barely, Bold City, Engine 15, Intuition, Bottlenose, Atlantic Beach, Veterans United, and many more already brew their own beer. If you’re big in the craft beer scene (like many young folks are) this might be what you’re looking for.

Wicked Barley has been a huge addition to the Baymeadows area.

On the other end, you could be living in an area where easily accessible bars aren’t available. The Mandarin Station/Losco area come to mind for this issue. Sure, you can go to *insert chain restaurant here* and get a beer, but you and I both know that is not the same.

For me, I want to be able to have a cold brew (craft or domestic, it does not matter to me), maybe a light snack/appetizer, and a big screen to watch the game. Living in the LaVilla neighborhood, I have several choices within a couple miles. Unfortunately, I am forced to use my car unless I walk to the Landing *shudder*. LaVilla is growing fast with the additions of the Lofts at LaVilla, Monroe, and next Jefferson Station. With a growing population, grocers and restaurants should be looking into moving in. A bar within walking distance would be a hot spot for sure, as the lack of watering holes in the immediate area would certainly attract folks of all kind. Also, if the Jaguars continue this downward spiral, it may become a permanent spot for me to catch the game (Was that too far?).

I would like to turn the keyboard over to you. Where do you want to see a new bar arise? What kind of bar? This article only works if I get your feedback. If I get enough responses, I will write a follow up with all of the best suggestions. Don’t be shy!

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